Moosedance is a full-scale production company that specializes in digital video. We employ camera operators, directors, producers, script-writers, sound engineers, makeup artists, costume and set designers.Our videos have won multiple awards and have been wildly successful in reaching a large, targeted audience.


As of late 2012, Moosedance is an approved producer of Partner Channels for YouTube. This program means that the channels we launch will have preferential treatment from searches performed on Google and YouTube. These channels get to use YouTube’s partner page design, which is slicker and has tiles, custom thumbnails and a few other bells and whistles, adding a better bridge between our content and social platforms. The design features will also allow for us to more prominently feature any partners/sponsors, which is an important step.


As part of what Moosedance does in building brand awareness, we work with the brand’s social media team in pushing out content and brand messages in a way that maximizes views and awareness. We employ methods to enhance the ”discussions” a brand has with followers on Twitter—something that also helps to increase engagement. We run several social media accounts (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc.) for multiple brands, celebrities and businesses.